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Founded by Juan Stander and Lauren Purdon Stander, our love for Africa and the conservation of its unique wildlife makes every hunting safari an experience of a lifetime.

As true conservationists and expert wildlife guides, we take you on a journey of discovery and adventure to explore Africa’s vast open plains, rugged mountains and beautiful coastal forest and plains, in pursuit of the many wildlife species found in the pristine wilderness areas.
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We love Africa – let us show you her magic…

LJ Hunting Safaris is owned and operated by Juan Stander and Lauren Purdon Stander. Both have grown up on farms and have a passion for the outdoors and a love for animals and hunting.

They both grew up in hunting families and even went further to study in the wildlife industry, which gives them good knowledge about the Eastern Cape bush and the game in the area.

LJ Hunting Safaris has an excess of 200 000 acres of pristine land and offers about 25 game species to hunt. We are very passionate about hunting and conservation. Hunts are mainly done by means of walk and stalk and we only make use of ethical hunting techniques. We believe in fair chase of wild animals.  Having hunted for various outfitters in the past we strive to make every hunters time with us as memorable as possible and meet their needs as much as we possibly can.

Trophy hunts are tailor made to suit the hunter’s preferences and budget. Hunts are exclusive to you and you only. Each hunt is planned and conducted to give the hunter the opportunity to test his or her skills against some of our prime game animals.

The hunting terrain starts along the coast of the Eastern Cape and in the Northern Cape of South Africa. The Eastern Cape’s vegetation is thick coastal bushveld with rolling valleys and open plains. The hunting areas extends up into the northern parts of the Eastern Cape where the  mountainous areas of the Karoo will test any hunters ability and skill, but does make for a very satisfying hunt at the end of the day. In a seven to ten day hunt we offer the hunter to see more of the Eastern Cape by offering them the chance to hunt a Coastal Concession as well as the Northern Concession.

The Northern Cape offers species that are not found in the Eastern Cape and therefore this offers a vast variety of animals, scenic landscapes and opportunities. Northern Cape is known for Springbuck hunting with big open areas, these big open areas will test any hunter’s stalking skills. 

We strive to offer world class affordable hunting.

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LJ Hunting Safaris

LJ Safaris is based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding hunts in wild places!

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