April 2017 – Hunt Report

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We fetched Stephen and Frida up in Grahamstown and started our journey to one of our Stormberg Concessions. Once we arrived, checked into our rooms and the lodge, it was straight to the shooting range to check rifles before we started hunting. This was Frida’s second time to South Africa and a first for a few animals hunted with us.

The first afternoon’s hunt was a success with taking 3 impala rams. Stephen and Frida came to us to hunt a Giraffe and to cull animals that are in need of culling such as old males that have done their time in the herd, lost a horn, males or females that are old and starting to loose condition. This is much needed as well as one does not want poor genetics passing through the herd i.e. animals with skew horns, deformed horns, etc.

The hunting safari started off with finding the giraffe and managing to hide away from these tall creatures. They are extremely alert animals and their height is a great disadvantage towards us to sneak up close to them. Stephanus and Stephen had a long and strenuous stalk, they came within approximately 200m distance of the Giraffe bull. Stephen placed his first shot on the shoulder, the bull ran a few meters and stopped giving Stephen and Stephanus time to creep up to the bull again. The bull was standing straight on to Stephen and he placed a perfect chest shot. The bull walked a few more meters, stopped and looked very hurt. All one could see now of the Giraffe was his neck, Stephen made a great shot and the bull dropped.

The next few days at this concession we hunted Impala rams, Zebra and a very skinny old Bushbuck ram. One of these days it was scorching hot so we decided to go to the nearest city and visit some gun shops, WIFI access areas and the shopping mall. The temperature reached to about 36 degrees Celsius.

We packed up and moved down to our Coastal Concession to cull Red Hartebeest, Blesbuck and Warthogs. Before heading out hunting we checked rifles again at the shooting range and headed out. Here the girls and the guys split for hunting by using ambush points and hunting different sections of the property. Frida hunted with Lauren and the girls had great success with shooting three Red Hartebeest in one morning.

The hunt was a total of 10 days and 45 animals were taken.

Looking forward to hunting with you guys again in the near future, until then happy hunting.

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