Group Hunt – Steve – July 2019

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I dropped down and gave Steve info on the the range via hand signals. I moved off to the side and Steve moved into position…

Steves stunning Lechwe bull hunted with @huntingljsafaris guided by Professional Hunter @prohunter_bossie.

We managed to connect with this stunner on the first morning of Steve’s first African Safari.

We started off the morning by glassing a large basin and almost immediately spotted numerous Lechwes. There were quite a few mature bulls around and we worked through them and decided on a bull that was bedded down under an Acacia tree at the base of a small rocky ridge line.

Judging the direction of the wind and the location of the animal we found our best approach would be to work around the back of the ridge and slowly stalk over to get a shot on the bull bedded down on the opposite side.

As we got to the other side of the ridge we bumped another gorgeous bull that was hidden next to thick Acacia at the base of the ridge on the opposite side.

The bull made its way straight up the ridge and we knew that the odds were against us, as this bull would probably alert the bull on the opposite side of the outcrop. We decided to still give it a try regardless.

We decided to move to a lower point of the outcrop, and slowly work our way up d iagonally along the side.

We took it very slow, moving from rock to rock to make sure no noise was being made.

Approaching the top of the outcrop, I could make out the tips of a Lechwe bulls horns. We froze and hunkered down to prevent being spotted.

I moved to the rock in front of me and slowly raised myself until I could see the horns clearly.

It was the bull we bumped at the base. He ended up running to the top and was practically feeding towards us at a mere 28 yards.

I dropped down and gave Steve info on the range via hand signals. I moved off to the side and Steve moved into my position.

Peaking through the tall grass that was growing between the boulders, I could see the bull still leisurely feeding slightly towards is.

We knew then that the perfect moment was within our grasp. We just had to be patient. Steve was in position as the bull was feeding.

And then as fate would have it the bull lifted his head and looked in the opposite direction and Steve placed his arrow perfectly behind the shoulder of the beast.

From the harsh mountains, endless Karoo plains to the stunning coastal thickets we hunted hard, and we were rewarded with some excellent trophies.

Well done Steve! Cant wait for the next one!



Professional Hunter Bossie


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