LJ Hunting Safaris, what can I say?

Warmly welcomed as guests and very much left as friends. A first-class experience from beginning to end. Juan and Lauren make a fantastic and unstoppable team on every aspect of the trip. Both are professional hunters and seasoned hosts. From the smallest catering details to a hunting experience I believe to be second to none.

The lodge was simply stunning, and the staff were all hugely helpful, friendly and attentive to our every need. As sole guests of our hosts the trip and agenda were highly tailored to our individual requests and expectations. The food was fantastic and Laurens team created a highly relaxed lodge environment.

The hunting grounds are vast, picturesque and bountiful in more game species than I can possibly remember. The hunting opportunities are plentiful with game species of the highest quality on ground that is very well managed.

Juan is an exceptional guide and a hell of a nice bloke! It’s an education in itself, walking and stalking in the bush with him. He has been doing it since he was a small boy and it shows. Animal and track identification, bird calls and long-range game spotting. Its all part of it!

We left with both exceptional trophies and memories to last a lifetime but that won’t stop us returning to hunt with these guys again. Africa gets under your skin and we are already planning the next trip for 2020!

Its been a delight guys and we wish you all the best for the rest of the season, Happy Hunting!